Monday, June 13, 2011

Urban Adventure

Days with no plans are the best, don't you think? You never know what spontaneous adventures you will encounter. On Saturday we were walking down the street and spur of the moment hopped on a bus downtown.

We ended up at the Virginia Inn. Where we sat an outdoor table.

And consumed frosty beverages and delectable salmon snacks.

Then we wandered around the farmers market, listened to Buskers, watched the Fish Throwers, and complained that my feet hurt because the flats I donned that morning were not appropriate for a day of spontaneity.

So I found a shady spot where I could put my feet up and admire the urban landscape.  

Then moved to a sunny spot where I could lie down on the grass and admire the human and natural landscape. 

And snack on cookies. 

It was a nice day.