Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend + My Love's Birthday

I sure hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! It may still be cool here in the Pacific Northwest, but if I've learned one thing since we've been back, it's you can't wait until the weather is nice to do something fun. It was hubs' birthday and we always try to go away and do something special to celebrate and this year was no different. A trip out on my parent's boat was just the relaxing celebration we needed.

And if there is one thing we do well on the boat, it's eat. And this weekend was no different.
Copper River Salmon, from-scratch Carrot Cake, and Mango Salsa are just a few of the treats we dined on this weekend.

The first night we barbequed. It was calm, sunny, and beautiful. Can you imagine a better barbequing spot? I can't.

 We made corn on the cob.

Copper River Salmon


Dined outside.

 And enjoyed the sunset.

The next day was my love's birthday. We played horseshoes, hiked, kayaked, and napped. We snacked on freshly-made mango salsa. This will be a staple recipe. Diced mango, tomato, red onion, pablano pepper, lime juice, salt and pepper. Mix together and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chip. So easy and so yummy!

It was windy and a little cloudy that evening, so the dinner barbequeing was a more solitary-get-it-done type event. We dined on pinwheel steaks, roasted potatoes, and broccoli. Followed by, drum-roll please, homemade carrot cake that my mom and I baked at the house before we left. I'll share this recipe with you later. It's a classic and so easy (if you have a food processor).

Even after we got back on dry land, our Memorial Day celebrations weren't through. The forecast said rain. But the view outside the window was sunny and mild. So we barbequed again and dined outside.

Mmmm, turkey burgers, corn, and chipotle sweet potato fries!


How did you celebrate Memorial Day?