Seasonal Resolutions

I love New Year's Resolutions! But who says you have to do them just once a year? I make seasonal resolutions.

Summer 2011 Resolutions. 
By Labor Day Weekend, I hope to accomplish the following.

Go to a Mariners game
Bike on the Burke Gilman Trail
Swim in a lake
Rent Kayaks at Aqua Verde
Eat at Emmer & Rye
Eat at Paragon
Eat at Sitka & Spruce
Visit Melrose Market
Go camping
Go hiking
Go to a lake place in Eastern Washington
Go to the San Juans
Go out in the boat for 4th of July
Make s'mores
Grill stone fruit
Make a new type of fruity cocktail
Take a free Zumba and Yoga class at the Seattle Center
Take a hot yoga class
Run three times a week
Write a travel story
Buy and make some artwork for the apartment
Eat an ice cream cone while sitting outside
Eat alfresco once a week
Take my lunch to work three days a week and eat breakfast at home
Read six books
Continue to post here 2-3 times a week even though I now have a full-time job!

Spring 2011 Resolutions. 
By May 31, 2011 I hope to accomplish the following.
Updated 6/11/11

1. Run 24 times — Nope, didn't achieve this. I started out well, but slacked off.
2. Take a yoga class at my neighborhood yoga studio. — Not yet, I'll move this to my summer resolution list.
3. Drink 2 liters of water everyday. — Trying...ugh, I'm not doing so well here!
4. Go to the beach. — Yes! Went to Cannon Beach, OR for Easter. Read about it here
5. Go to Spokane and visit the Eastern Washington fam. — And ran my first 12k. Read about it here
6. Go to that Indian restaurant that everyone raves about (Roti).   Knocked out two goals in one weekend
7. Try the 5 Spot. Knocked out two goals in one weekend
8. Write one travel story (or at least start it!). — Nope, I'll move this to my summer resolution list.
9. Eat one salad everyday. — Ugh, no.
10. Read 3 books. — Not quite within my deadline of May 31, but I'll count it. I read The Alchemist, On the Beach, and Ape House.