Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Recap: Easter at Cannon Beach

What's this? Two weekend recaps in one week? :) It's been such a busy couple of weeks, I'm only catching up now and blogging about our fun trip to the Oregon Coast. Hubs, Mom, and Dad, and I had a fun-filled beach weekend for Easter. And guess what? The sun even came out for a little while! We had a great time. Walking, playing Frisbee, football, and paddle ball and in the evening, playing boardgames. We bird watched and dog watched. And of course we ate well too.

Before we left we prepared our festive eggs:

When we arrived at our hotel, Mom had prepared this scrumptious picnic for our enjoyment. Sesame Marinated Asparagus, Pasta Salad, and homemade brownies for dessert. Mmmmmmm.


 The next morning the sun and this view greeted us.

We immediately ran down on the beach to peer into the tide pools at low tide:

And peer up at Haystack Rock to watch for Tufted Puffin:

Tufted Puffin can only be seen from shore on Haystack Rock for a few weeks in the spring while they lay their eggs on the rock. The rest of the year they are far out at sea living their little puffin lives. So it was pretty exciting that we got to see them nesting on the rock. And we saw many!

Tufted Puffins by telephoto—they must have felt like Wills and Kate in Ibiza with all the lenses aimed their way.

The next morning was much more typical of Oregon Coast weather:

But that's okay, because we had one goal and one goal only—get pastries at the Cannon Beach Bakery:

Our yummy Easter brunch: Pastries, Strawberries, Eggs, and of course, treats from the Easter Bunny.
The weekend passed quickly as fun times always do, and sooner than we wanted to be we were on the road home. We stopped at Ecola State Park on the way out of town. And took in the view...from the car. Until next time Cannon Beach!

Look carefully at the bottom-right corner of the waves—surfers were braving the weather and the cold to catch some waves!