Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Birthday Retrospective

Today is my birthday! In honor of this very important day in my life, I thought I'd offer you a trip through my last decade of birthdays. Also, look at these beautiful flowers my sweet friend brought me on Friday when she came to take me out to an early birthday lunch/dinner at, where else? Homegrown.

31st: I'll tell you all about it next week. Here's a hint: passport required.

30th: I spent this very memorable birthday alone in Gurgaon, India eating a mango over the kitchen sink and letting the juice run down my arms. But don't worry, my love flew in the next day and we spent two fabulous weeks celebrating and traveling around India.

29th: B took me to an amazing dinner at Cashion's Eat Place in our old neighborhood in DC, AdamsMorgan. This was such a nice birthday. Yum!

28th: I can practically remember 15-20 years of birthdays, yet I'm wracking my brain and honestly can't remember this birthday! We probably went to dinner??? If you remember what we did, please let me know.

27th: B conspired with my mom to have her fly across the country for a surprise visit. We went to Matchbox for dinner (the best pizza in DC!) followed by a scoop of Boston and Rabbits with a candle in it (aka, Baskin and Robbins).

26th:  B took me camping at Chincoteague Island in Virginia. Wild ponies even walked through our campsite! Then I treated myself to every girls' dream birthday gift—a new car battery—after ours died and we had to get multiple jump starts just to get to the repair shop.

25th: B surprised me by renting us bikes in Alexandria, VA and we biked to Mt. Vernon and had a picnic. While at Mt Vernon, our bike tires went flat and we had to call for a repair.

24th: Went out to dinner and drinks in Eugene with a couple of my great grad school friends.

23rd: Went camping with B at the beach on the Washington Coast and along the Ho River on the Olympic Peninsula (at nearly the same beach where Jacob tells Bella that the Cullens are vampires, ladies! But of course, this was before we all knew the Cullens lived in Forks...)

22nd: Went to Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale, Washington. A blacksmith at the park made me a key ring that I still use to this day.

Had a memorable "dinner" with friends. And also spent the weekend boating with my parents. This was back when May in Washington was actually warm.

Other memorable birthdays:

9th: After months and months of, in retrospect what I'm sure was extremely obnoxious begging, my parents got me a puppy, Spumoni, a Lhasa Apso who we had for 14 years.

13th: I had a big slumber party and invited all my friends. My mom made me a "dirt cake" which my best friend refused to eat and demanded to know what was in it. But it was made from oreos and pudding and cream cheese and sugar and butter and really delicious.

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Kerry said...

Happy Birthday!! Fun post--I do know what we were doing May 14th, 2008 but as far as you guys....not so sure? Wedding planning? :) I hope you have an incredible birthday weekend and I can't wait to hear where your passport took you!! I will live vicariously... :) xoxox, K.

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