Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Recap Part 1: Opening Day of Boating Season

What a great weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful one as well! We ate so much good food this weekend that I'm so excited to tell you about that I'm going to have to split this into two posts of deliciousness.

First, look at this amazing sandwich my husband brought me for dinner on Friday. It's from the Fifth Avenue Sandwich Shop in Olympia. This is one of my favorite sandwich flavors and something you don't see on menus very often. In fact, the last one I had, I think, was in graduate school at a really cool sandwich shop in Eugene.

I give you the Turkey + Cranberry + Cream Cheese on a sourdough and wheat swirl bread. Mmmmmm. The perfect start to Friday night:

After such a good food start to the weekend, we decided to start our celebration of Opening day of Boating Season with a scrumptious brunch at Portage Bay Cafe.

Wait time for a table inside = 45 minutes.
Wait time if we wanted to sit outside and wrap ourselves in colorful Mexican blankets and sip steaming hot coffee = 0 minutes. Yes please!

I enjoyed the Lemon Curd and Blueberry French Toast, complete with a trip to the world-reknowned toppings bar.

B ordered the Rancher's Breakfast which pretty much meant enough food for several farm hands. 

After breakfast we immediately went down to Montlake Cut to watch the boat parade. We may have arrived too late to see the crew races, but it was still fun!

The Virginia V celebrates Opening Day.
Seeing this little car-boat kind of gave me anxiety.
Then we realized there was a track meet going on in Husky Stadium, so we stopped and watched for awhile and felt inspired to go for a run later that afternoon (that inspiration was soon lost).

Men's 800 Meter.

Women's 5k.
There was a softball game happening as well! Along with the boat parade in the background. So much to look at!
We walked back to the car along Montlake Cut and got to see the boat parade in reverse, this time in the sun, so we sat down and dangled our legs over the edge of the water and watched for awhile.


Next, let me tell you about the amazing brunch we made my mom for Mother's Day.