Friday, June 24, 2011

Cloudy Day Recreation

It's June and still summer hasn't arrived. We've had a few nice days here or there, but it's still cloudy, fleece-wearing weather. Here's hoping it clears up for the weekend or at least for 4th of July. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for twenty-four years before leaving for six. I did not expect that when I returned I would find myself faced with the winter (or spring/summer!) doldrums. I thought: I got this, I'm immune! I mean, I grew up with it. I love the rain. And the grey. Wrong. So, a few weeks ago, when I needed a rainy day fix, immediately. I begged my husband to run to the airport with me and take the first flight to Puerto Vallarta, but he's so practical. He said no.

But did you know that without jetting to Hawaii or Arizona, you can get a tropical/desert fix, right here in Seattle for free?

Instead of two pricey plane tickets, we visited The Volunteer Park Conservatory. It may be gray, dismal, and dreary outside. But inside, bask in the warmth of the desert. Steam in the jungle. Marvel at the orchids. Ponder the Pitcher Plant.

Just brace yourself for a cold, damp reality when you exit the building.