Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Resolution Update

Holy SMOKES. It's already August! This summer has been flying by, mostly, I think, because most days it hasn't really felt like summer. But I've still been able to make a few of these resolutions happen. Here's what I've done so far.

  • Go to a Mariners game Had a great time at the game on Father's Day!
  • Bike on the Burke Gilman Trail
  • Swim in a lake
  • Rent Kayaks at Aqua Verde  --> While we did EAT at Aqua Verde, kayaking sadly did not happen because the line was around the block. We tried though, and we've done plenty of kayaking otherwise.
  • Eat at Emmer and Rye Mission Accomplished. Though my photos from brunch were among those that mysteriously disappeared.
  • Eat at Paragon Yes, where I consumed this burger that was far larger than my head and drank one martini strong enough to remove paint. You really get your money's worth at that happy hour.
  • Eat at Sitka and Spruce
  • Visit Melrose Market
  • Go camping
  • Go hiking
  • Go to a lake place in Eastern Washington
  • Go to the San Juans
  • Go out in the boat for 4th of July Yes!
  • Make s'mores Yummy!
  • Grill stone fruit
  • Make a new type of fruity cocktail
  • Take a free Zumba at the Seattle Center
  • Take a hot yoga class
  • Run three times a week Okay, technically I haven't been running, but I have been walking almost 3 miles every day
  • Write a travel story I'm proud to say, this project is IN PROGRESS!
  • Buy and make some artwork for the apartment --->This hasn't happened exactly, but we did get new pillows and furniture, stay tuned for a post soon.
  • Eat an ice cream cone while sitting outside
  • Eat alfresco once a week Doing a pretty good job at this, given the amazing outdoor space at my office.
  • Take my lunch to work three days a week and eat breakfast at home  Amazingly enough, I'm actually achieving this!
  • Read six books ---> Well on my way. I've been putting heavy use on my new library card AND I just discovered Sookie Stackhouse.
  • Continue to post here 2-3 times a week ---> Doing my best! 

Something else I'd like to try? Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Have done this? What's it like?
How are you doing on your summer resolutions?