Thursday, August 4, 2011

Global Vintage Modern Eclectic

I like to describe our style as Global Vintage Modern Eclectic. I like sleek modern and vintage pieces, but I also like funky global inspired artifacts (or better yet, things we've acquired ourselves, abroad). So I'm pretty pleased with the way our living room has recently come together.

We'd been living for months with no table, sitting on the floor using magazines as makeshift tables for our beverages. Then, a few weeks ago my mother-in-law brought over this amazing marble-topped coffee table. It had been in their basement for almost 30 years, sometimes used, sometimes in storage. She remembered seeing it at her in-laws, when visiting them for the first time almost 40 years ago in Palo Alto, when she first went to meet them after returning from Vietnam where she had met her true love. A true mid-century modern piece with a meaningful history! Now it's in our living room. If tables could talk, I wonder what history it's witnessed and what stories it could tell about us someday.

She also brought along this fab end table.

And this super cool (pun-intended) vintage Eskimo fan.

Then I got these great pillows from West Elm. I usually like to buy things like that on my travels, but these were just too perfect and it doesn't hurt that they were handmade in Jaipur, a region of India that my husband and I visited last year. The thing I love about them is that they look like they've been here all along, they fit our style so perfectly.

I don't know how long we'll stick around this apartment, but at least, for now it has a few touches that make it feel like home.

Pillows: West Elm
Tables: Vintage
Sofas: Macy's
Lamp: Urban Outfitters
Fan: Vintage