Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Weekend...

…my mother-in-law was visiting, so we were excited to show her around our new city.

…we stumbled upon the Ballard Seafood Festival.

…where we drank the Best Beverage on Earth. (It was good, but probably false advertising.)
that dude is tall!
Were we supposed to add ketchup to our drinks? Not sure what that's doing there...

this dude is tall too.

…we were mildly traumatized by this pig.

…we ventured to the Seattle Art Museum for the Beauty and Bounty exhibit (where we oddly enough all got in free thanks to my late father-in-law's illustrious military career ♥).

…we also saw some striking modern art.

…my favorite was Mann und Maus.

And now it's time to make plans for this weekend. Hopefully a little Bite of Seattle (of course!) and hopefully a little Harry Potter!