Monday, October 10, 2011

saltspring island: the food

You'd think I hadn't eaten in a week with the way I ate everything in sight on Saltspring Island. But with pretty much everything grown on the island, it takes local living to a whole, new delicious level. For our first shore-side meal in a week, we had lunch at Tree House Cafe, right in the center of the shopping area of town. If you ever find yourself on this tiny island in British Columbia, you MUST eat here.

We sat outside and enjoyed frosty BC-based beverages.

I had, hands-down the best quesadilla I have ever ingested. Cheese and tortilla, are standard for a quesadilla of course, but with the addition of roasted yams and toasted pumpkin seeds and a gorgeous fresh salad it became a truly special meal.

Later, we found ourselves too full from lunch. So we made a local cheese-and-cracker snack for dinner.

Complete with a family tradition, Nanaimo Bars (since the Nanaimo namesake is just north of Saltspring).

On Market day, B bought this succulent fig for $1. I abstained, since figs make my face itch, but I snapped this photo from a safe distance.

 Before cruising away from Saltspring in the late morning, we stocked up on pastries.

The man in the suspenders...and no relation.

The next day we were back in US waters but I made homemade scones, with strawberry jam and fresh scrambled eggs from Saltspring Island.

Now those are some free range healthy eggs!