Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my summer vacation

Saltspring Island was just one stop on our summer vacation itinerary. For a week, my husband and parents and I hopscotched from island to island in the San Juans of Washington State and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.  It was both a nostalgic trip for me, as this is how I spent almost all my summers growing up, but also a new experience to get to share some of my favorite places with my husband.

Night One: The view of Mt. Baker from our mooring buoy at Cypress Island

Night Two: Sunset on the daisy-chain at Stuart Island

Night Three: At a buoy at Beaumont Provincial Park, South Pender Island, Canada

Night Four: Stern tied at Wallace Island

Night Five: Still stern tied at Wallace Island

Night Six: Our only night at a marina, Ganges, Saltspring Island

Night Seven: Our first night back in the US and our last night on vacation. At anchor near English Camp, San Juan Island.