Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

Once again the weekend went by far too quickly. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Here's what I accomplished:

Finally unpacked the last of our boxes/put them in storage.

Went to REI Flagship store in Seattle. It was crazy busy, but I got a couple of things with our dividend from last year. Also stopped by Velocity, a great modern home store across the street from REI.

Ran three miles during a brief moment of partial-sunshine on Saturday morning.

Napped on the couch while B watched the Final Four.

Tried two new places in Queen Anne: Le Reve and Emerald City Smoothie.

Le Reve is a great authentic french bakery with phenomenal pastries and other beautiful confections.

Look how adorable this mini-macaron is! Peanut butter and chocolate, yum!

Tried the Peach Pleasure at Emerald City Smoothie. Not that impressed.

Played Bananagrams while eating this delicious snack. And I finally tried kale chips. Have you had them before? I'm definitely going to try making my own soon—as these were $4.99 and were purchased in a moment of weakness. I'm still not sure they are that delicious...but at least I don't feel too bad about eating them.


Weekly Workout Recap
 Monday: Rest<-----calling this rest, but it's more like laziness
Tuesday: 3.5 miles, run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3.5 miles, run
Friday: Rest <----Weather was horrible!
Saturday: 3.5 miles, run
Sunday: Rest

Total for the week: 10.5 miles