Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Swedish Obsession

I am obsessed with all things Swedish. I love Swedish design, the Swedish landscape, the Swedish lifestyle, the Swedish Chef. I like to lie and tell people my husband is Swedish (sorry B). Sweden is the number one place on my travel bucket list.

Lingonberries are high on my Swedish obsession list since it's my way to feel like I'm doing something Swedish without leaving home. I've found the best lingonberries are from IKEA. The other options pictured here are good alternatives that I found at World Market, if IKEA isn't easily accessible. The FELIX brand is actually from Sweden, but I found the consistency more like jam and the d'Arbo All Natural option is quite good and has a great whole lingonberry texture.

But now, when I make the occasional trip to IKEA, I buy Sylt Lingon in bulk so that I always have enough lingonberries for my Weekend Waffle fix.